If you are looking to make the most of your home, the two most important rooms time and time again are the bathroom and kitchen. These two rooms, when done right, add value to your home. Let’s face it, we spend a great deal of time in one or the other. With this in mind, here are the most common bathroom remodel ideas in Chicago.

Tile Patterns and Shapes

Straight up and down tiles in a plain color are so last season! People are using tiles in more expressive ways. So, don’t concentrate on tiles that your mother would have used thirty years ago! Look for tiles with patterns and shapes that sing! Think bold, repeating patterns and you have the idea. Check out the top kitchen tile trends for 2019 – and take some of these ideas into the bathroom.

Matte Black Finishes

Gloss has had its day, my friend! The classy look of a matte black finish is definitely one of the most common bathroom remodel ideas in Chicago right now. The reason? It just adds that element of style and sophistication to the bathroom. Matte black works so well in the bathroom because it accentuates the others colors you use. Don’t overwhelm. Used sparingly, matte black can be your best friend.

Wood Vanities

Reclaimed wood and light wood are the watchwords with the bathroom vanity. If your vanity is in need of a little updating, then think wood. You might not have considered it before, as the bathroom is such a damp place, but if you get quality wood and look after it well, this can be a real winner.

Floating Vanities

And while we’re on the subject of vanities, don’t think that it has to reach to the floor. A floating vanity is one of the space savers that people in the know have been using for years. Now it is one of the most common bathroom remodel ideas in Chicago. It allows you to keep that valuable floor space while providing the kind of useful storage we all need in the bathroom. Win-win!

Free Standing Tubs

free standing bath tub

The free standing bath tub has a timeless charm that is linked to luxury and elegance. People love the way a free standing bath looks in any location – home, hotel, spa. It speaks of a relaxation and grace that a regular bath just can’t. And there are so many ways to enjoy a free standing bath tub. Even smaller bathrooms can make the most of this classic design feature.

Heated Floors

Let’s face it – the winters in Chicago can be pretty darned cold. Getting home after a long hard day at work feels great when you get into the bath or shower in the sanctuary of your own bathroom. But stepping out onto that cold floor brings back the elements from outside again. That’s why heated floors are one of the most common bathroom remodel ideas in Chicago. They make your feet smile!

Industrial Elements

As well as saving a bit of cash, exposing the industrial elements of your bathroom look fabulous too. Pipework is the mainstay of an industrial bathroom, but don’t forget the other style elements, such as:

  • Exposed brickwork – keep to one feature wall
  • A showpiece metal bath adds the wow factor
  • Industrial lights look amazing in the bathroom

And don’t be afraid to use concrete in the bathroom too.


We may have shied away from wallpaper in the bathroom for all the same reasons we didn’t use wood. But the right wallpaper can add a touch of glamour or whimsy. There are so many patterns and prints to choose from. Don’t overlook wallpaper for the bathroom.

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