Winter is here! So if you got your first heating bill of the season and almost fainted, then our Construction Project Manager, Zane Wiersema is here to help. It doesn’t take long to remedy gaps in windows and doors and save hundreds on your heating and energy bills. Check out Zane’s top insulation and winterization tips below:

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Tip #1: Weather stripping

A 1/8” gap around an exterior door is about equivalent to a 5” hole from your house to the exterior. So I’d recommend installing door sweeps where the door does not meet the threshold and foam or rubber weather stripping around the perimeter.

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Tip #2: Insulate doors and windows

Another place where homes lose a lot of their heat is by windows.  You can install plastic with double sided tape to all of your windows to retain some of the heat, or if you’re crafty enough to remove and replace casing, you can remove the casing and spray in minimal expansion foam anywhere there is a gap.

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Tip #3: Keep warm design in mind

Rotate in heavier curtains and blinds during the cold months to trap warm air inside and further prevent drafts. Keeping them closed at night when the temperature drops will help keep you warm and cozy inside.