Meet the Team

One thing you can count on from all our employees is that they are thoughtful, conscientious, skilled, honest and nice to work with. They’ll do anything they can to make your experience better.

Our principle, Mitchell Newman, formerly a family physician, brings his experience from his medical career to his work at Stratagem. This manifests in his planning, precision with details, dedication to quality and passion for his work in addition to an awesome bed-side manner. He also ran a theater company where he honed his skills at working cooperatively and productively guiding the creative process.

Construction Manager, Krzysztof Jachym, formerly in hotel management, brings unparalleled craftsmanship to his work. The bigger the challenge, the more he enjoys the good result. He.s an expert finish carpenter and loves making beautiful built-ins, bookcases and furniture. He’s also an expert tile layer. Recently, he has discovered snow skiing.

Educated as an artist, Arturn Kras brings a love of handwork to his craftsmanship. Arturn is an excellent tile layer, a skilled carpenter, and can do just about anything else necessary in home renovation. He is recently a new father.

You can always count on Javiar Lopez for a smile. He’s an able tile layer, gardener, and all around laborer. Whatever he does, he does with enthusiasm. When his daughter had a sweet sixteen and a singer couldn’t be found for the event, it was Javiar Lopez on the table top filling in.

Our Design Partners

Kapan Shipman: “Spirited…Different…” is how senior designer Kapan Shipman would describe herself. With her diminutive size and easy smile, she has a way of making her clients feel comfortable and relaxed. She is curious by nature, and always on the lookout for inspiration. Pop culture, fashion, art, and films influence in her work. Kapan’s love for design is not limited to interiors and architecture. This eccentric Jane-of-all-trades is also a fashion stylist, a personal shopper, style consultant and a jewelry designer.

Kapan is a graduate of Harrington Institute of Interior Design and has experience in both commercial and residential design. Her work has been featured in numerous articles.