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The difference between a Stratagem professional painters project, that goes through every step of our process, and your standard fly-by-night paint job, is night-and-day. At Stratagem Construction, we provide a premium service–using only the best, most experienced Chicago painters. “Great painting” can cost a little more than a less rigorous painter service, but for our clients who value picture-perfect results, the professional experience is essential.

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The Stratagem painter process includes:

Wall Preparation

The painter’s preparation of your wall is the most important part of getting your wall to look great. It actually takes more time for the painter then it does to paint your wall. Great painters will carefully work their way making sure each hole, each divet, any scratch has been prepared, filled properly, sanded, and given a second or third coat until a wall is a perfectly flat and paintable surface.

Cutting a Clean Line

Many painters rush this process and it cannot be rushed. There should be no overlap of the wall color onto the ceiling and vice versa. This is a common problem with less careful painters that’s visible in many homes.

Paint Application

Great painters know it’s important when you look at your wall that the color is uniform and that the strokes applied are consistent. Paints like eggshell need to be applied in a consistent fashion across the entire wall without stopping or the brushstrokes will show up as different on different parts of the wall. A great painter will leave your walls with a consistent uniform color and brushstokes that are hardly visible.

Touch Up

The last part of every paint job is the touch-up. There will always be items that need to be perfected. Knowing that your painter will return to take care of those things, and not having a worry in the world about whether your house will be perfectly painted to the last detail is the peace of mind a great painter should provide for you.

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