Wallpapering Chicago

Doing it right takes time and experience. Watch our videos to learn more about our approach.

Wallpaper Hung Right

Hanging Wallpaper these days is very different than it was fifty years ago. The wallpapers themselves are much more complicated: they’re thicker and have various components to them. Great Wallpaper Hanging is a skill that very few people really can do right. It takes a lot of craftsmanship and a lot of time and experience to be able to execute it well.


Here are a couple of the elements that are important:

  • Preparing the Wall Perfectly

If you’re gonna hang a modern piece of wallpaper and do it right, the wall has to be perfectly flat. Otherwise the wallpaper telescopes any imperfection, however minor.

  • Applying Primer

One the wall is perfectly uniform a primer is applied. This primer in combination with the glue allow the wallpaper to be adjusted. Wallpaper today is extremely expensive and there’s just no room for having waste.

  • Wet the Wallpaper

The wallpaper is often wetted so it’s softer and more pliable.Then applied to the wall and shifted until there’s a slight overlap. This is important so we get a perfect application and a perfect seam.

  • Finishing Up: The Final Cuts

Finally the craftsman will come back and carefully cut the edge of the wallpaper with a sharp knife so you’ll get a perfect seam between the two pieces of wallpaper.

Very complicated wallpapers have to be applied slowly and meticulously, but you can look forward to a great result!