Renovations & New Construction in Chicago

Great remodels begin with a great design and great design begins with highly capable designers who understand the range of possibilities. For example, Designers must know which walls can be moved and which cannot. Working closely with Habitar Design allows us the potent combination of technical and design know-how. We help to push the limits of design just a little bit further. We also help our designers deliver value: our construction experience let’s them understand the cost of their concepts allowing them to make cost-effective choices.

Chicago Single Family House

This was a full scale project that included work on the front exterior, living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and an outdoor living space complete with a brick oven for entertainment. Click here to see the 3D virtual tour of the project.

City Condo

This home built in the 1880’s needed a new kitchen, two new bathrooms, a library, an entrainment center, an air conditioning system, new lighting and electrical wiring, new built-in closets, new woodwork, flooring, painting and drywall.

Chicago Home

This home built only 15 years before required numerous built-ins, a new fireplace, new master bath orientation complete with steam shower, sound proofing from the neighbor achieved with green glue, low-voltage wiring, painting and flooring. In addition, the house had a water penetration problem that required solving.

Basement Renovation

This Arts and Crafts bungalow required new kitchen cabinets, a heating system, and two custom-built cabinets. One served as a serving area, the other a bookshelf, storage cabinet, and desk area.

Suburban Residence

Luxury home interior and exterior renovation was designed by star designer Karl Sponholtz of Habitar Design

Traditional Home

This luxury home renovation was designed by one of Chicago’s outstanding designers: Karl Sponholtz of Habitar Design

New Construction

Facade After
Facade After

When considering building a new home in the Chicago area, Stratagem Construction can make a real difference in making the process easier, less stressful, more perfectly tailored to your needs and aesthetics. We combine great customer care, world-class interior design capabilities extensive building knowledge, and outstanding craftsmanship down to the finest details.

We know choosing a custom home builder is a huge decision that will impact a year or two of your life. Here are a few reasons why Stratagem Construction will make a great partner as your home builder:


Construction is a family tradition. My father built homes in the Chicago area since 1962 and I grew up in the industry. But beyond that I went to Medical School at the University of Chicago before taking up my family’s business. I bring that love of knowledge, attention to detail, and integrity to everything we do at Stratagem Construction. We build everything as if we were building it for our own family – always with a long view in mind. Our unflinching goal is quality construction that will endure so you enjoy the beauty of your new home for many years without worries.


We have our own interior design staff to design floor plans and extraordinary room details. In addition, we operate our own wood shop giving us the ability to create a wide variety of unique custom details. Our shop has provided unparalleled woodwork for some of the finest homes in Chicago. In addition, we’ll work with your architect cooperatively or we’ll introduce you to some of the best architects in the area to help you achieve your vision.

Customer Care

Throughout the design and construction process of your new home, you’ll find our designers and craftsman approachable and helpful. We’re a small team you can count on and get to know. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction and we’ll go the extra mile or three to achieve it. We understand that our clients are the life-blood of our success and we want them to sing our praises about our home building to all their friends. And one more thing, the buck stops with me, Mitch Newman. I’ll always be there to take care of any problems that may arise in the same way I did when I took care of patients.

A Full Vision

The perfect home has to be perfect for you. The spaces, furnishing and hardware have to accentuate your life and also be an expression of who you are. For us, a home begins with a foundation and ends when the furniture is in place and the last window dressing is hung. Even if we don’t do the furnishings, we build with the furnishing in mind. That full vision helps us achieve more for our customers.

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